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When the Rebbe called for the establishment of The Shluchim Office, helping shluchim find speakers was a specified goal.

"...א מקום מרכזי (און א טעלעפאן) וואו יעדער שליח קען זיך פארבינדן און בעטן אן עצה אדער הילף אין קיום שליחותו במקומו, מ'זאל אים צושטעלן א רעדנער וכו' וכו'..." (משיחת שבת כינוס השלוחים תשמ"ז – ע"ד התייסדות משרד השלוחים)"

"A center should be established, reachable via telephone, which every Shliach may contact to receive counsel or assistance in fulfilling his Shlichus in his location, [i.e.] finding a speaker and the like.”
(Kinus Hashluchim -  5747)

Indeed, The Speakers Bureau (as it was originally called) was one of the very first programs launched by The Shluchim Office. Over the years, the project facilitated countless events and speaking tours in Chabad Houses around the world and helped bring the work of Shluchim to new heights. 

As we continue to develop our programs to meet the evolving needs of Shluchim, we are excited to be taking this initiative started by the Rebbe to its next stage. 

The new and improved Speaker Central is a one-stop database showcasing a wide variety of speakers and entertainers. Replete with bios and relevant information, Speaker Central makes it easier to bring speakers and entertainers by cutting out the hassle often associated with finding the right fit for your community. 


Our Mission

To assist Shluchim in bringing Yiddishkeit to their cities in new and original ways.


Our Vision

Shluchim use speakers and entertainers to provide a fresh voice for their communities. We strive to make it easier and simpler.


Our Strategy

We have created a comprehensive database that includes all the relevant information for your search in a clear and beautiful format.

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